Welcome to EONY’s lair!

The workshop is a haven where imagination and creativity come alive to give birth to new compositions.

> Discover the designer behind EONY.

Yes, crochet is reminiscent of doilies, old shawls and the dexterity of our grandmothers, but it can also be modern & trendy!

All items are lightly hardened to give the jewel’s stitches a stable hold.

« Each model is an original idea resulting from research and experimentation. »

Thus, the jewels are designed in two different ways:

  • Assembled with natural, semi-precious or lightly gilded pearls, the crochet becomes a noble, chic and ultra fashionable textile.
  • Because “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”, some models can also combine crochet with pieces found at flea markets or garage sales, which accentuates their uniqueness and transforms the jewel into an object “bearing history”.

Due to their textile construction, Eony jewellery is fragile and very light to wear.

They are no less original and precious because they are made of beautiful materials; natural pearls, gold-plated leaf, shells, silver…

They’re unique.

The universe of Eony’s collections is always planted by graphic researches or by painted decors inspired by landscapes crossed during a trip or a weekend.


Nature and landscapes are a great source of inspiration for my work.

It is important for me to be as “Eco-responsible” as possible in order to preserve it as well as possible.

The primers and the metallic pieces necessary for the assembly of my jewellery are ordered at the present time from suppliers located in France or Belgium.

Some of the pieces are bought at flea markets, garage sales or recovered at Emmaus. 

This is my way of fighting against waste by incorporating them into some creations, which makes them even more unique!

Natural materials are used as much as possible.

The beads are all of natural origin, made from minerals or plants.

All our treasures are carefully prepared in a sheathed cardboard box, then accompanied by a small thank-you card stamped with the Eony logo.