Plastician artist and great lover of textile creations

My name is Anne Petit.

As a visual artist, I began by loving drawing and painting, and more particularly watercolour. Then my interest in the material grew little by little as I played with textures.

For a long time, I have enjoyed manipulating threads, crossing them, tangling them or tying them!

As far back as I can remember, I see myself learning how to make canvases and Brazilian bracelets with my mom.
I loved it! Especially the brazilian bracelets that I made in phenomenal quantities…

The desire to learn knitting and crochet comes to me very quickly.

I realize my first creations at the age of 9. An activity that seemed strange to the other children but which already fascinated me!

Of all the different techniques that I have learned in my life, it is the crochet technique that I like the most. Especially with the affirmation of my personality and my “bohemian rock” style during my teenage years.

No wonder that with this kind of passion I turned to art studies: 6 years of applied arts and textile fashion design.

I consider crochet as the embodiment of an ancient and totally artisanal know-how, which remains timeless, whatever the trends.

I always look to the future but I attach great importance to the notion of ” Memories “.

EONY - creation de bijoux faits mains

After having made my weapons thanks to various professional experiences, I take off and launch myself into entrepreneurship. My only desire: to share my passion and propose my creations to all those who are looking for unique, original and handmade jewellery.

Thus was born EONY.  

A creative and artistic concept based on crochet work.

Straight out of my imagination, this concept highlights my textile and pictorial universe. It is also based on values that are dear to me: craftsmanship, handmade and made in France.