Once upon a time…

A little free spirit who loves above all to wander here and there in distant and mysterious lands.

She goes where the wind takes her, always in search of new landscapes or enchanting places that allow her to escape her reality for a sweet moment.

Her family and friends call her “The Harvester” because from each of her wanderings she brings back small objects, photos or sketches that she collects in an old chest like a jealously guarded treasure.

>Discover the portrait of her creator

Unique and inspired crochet creations

The EONY jewels are inspired by these unexpected finds gleaned during a beautiful escape.

Each jewel is the witness of a stroll, an excursion, a very particular atmosphere or an astonishing meeting.

Through the meanders of the crochet hook, they embody the memory of a pleasant moment, an emotion of which one wishes to keep a trace.

Most of the time, they are quite ordinary objects, but they have caught her attention; whether by a touch of incongruous colour, an unexpected shape, an interesting graphic design or simply because in her eyes they were pretty.

Like a modern-day troubadour, EONY tells us her incredible stories.